Mom - I think I just saw something dark run across the room


I think it's a mouse, says Noelle.


Um.  Let me go look.  She is in her nighty.  Walks on tip toes, bends down, looks under the t.v. cabinet.  Jumps up runs back and springs onto bed.  Yes, it is.


Let me go look again.  She repeats the whole thing.  Yes.

Yelling, screaming, and a twitter rant ensue as follows:

@union station hotel Nashville supposedly one of the best. And there is a freakin rat in the room .

Apparently it sniffed a kernel of white cheddar popcorn that Noelle dropped

They said they would be up 15 minutes ago. Still not here. Mouse has popcorn and just scooted under the door.

Back to the hall of this hotel To snif out more foodies

This is the worst. Where the heck is @union station security

I screamed and started shaking just like they do in the movies. Makes me really want to stay here again. Not

@union station just called us to tell us they are coming. Don't hurry too much. Take your time. We are hoping more mice will come to visit

Noelle is laughing. Bit she was shaking too. She kept peering under the cabinet. Yup it's a mouse she said

An ugly gray gross mouse. I didn't want to see it. Bit  it really wanted that dumb piece of popcorn.

Hurry up and get us OUT OF HERE

I'd (if) you come to the @union station hotel on Nashville. Bring a cat.

Nala would have protected us. We are still waiting to leave.

I would like to go out to the hall to wait for the hotel people. But the mouse is out there and will get us.

We ate (are) leaving. Noelle is in her mitt. We don't want to stay here anymore

The porter they sent up didn't speak English.

We have now been moved to a room that is under the main lobby. That's right folks. The only good thing

Is that we are now five floors under the rat

$399 a night for two. And they'll throw in a rat for free.

Photo:  Noelle’s anti-rat strategy for the new room.