iPad or bust

I am in DC at an ugly hotel for AAJ. I have made the plunge and decided to leave my laptop at home. This will force me to rely solely upon the iPad that I've been dabbling with since December.  Leaving the laptop is like leaving one of my arms.  I'm bereft and a little scared.

So far I'm most underwhelmed by typing on this thing.  ILife to type fast and as you can see do not have the technique down yet.  Actually it's getting better but still is too slow andtoo many mistakes.

Before getting on the plane I tried to download two episodes of glee to watch b it they are still "waiting" which means whatever.  Sandwiched in the middle seat I could only read a book on the kindle app but finished it and so had to be bored which I hate so dozed off which means I will never get to sleep in this ugly hotel.

I do like how small it is.  I do like the camera.  I don't like not having word on it.  And the way you have to get documents into and out of it...I have big challenges ahead.

Photo: seatac by iPad camera.  No one knew I was pointing it at them.  I have no idea how to italicizes this or how to attach the photo!