Day 2 and an iPad day smarter

I wrote this blog then lost the whole blasted thing.  Tis sits about how my iPad experience is going.  Humbling.

Am deep in the world of free apps.  Used Zite to create a magazine of things that interest me.  some of which already don't and are destined for the delete key. Now have an alarm clock that tells the weather.  My favorite tho is the kissing kitties am going to send them to my girls.

Still cannot figure out how to cut and paste. So much for editing documents and creating them which is what I really need and miss the most,  according to the blogs laptops still cannot be surpassed by the iPad in that arena. So don't feel too bad.

Took a cool picture of nancy Pelosi at the reception tonight in iPhone,  emailed it to myself,  figured out how to save it on iPad,  but cannot crack the code of how to get it on this blog.  Maybe it is the platform that is causing the problem.

Finally have decided biggest problem of iPads s a work stations is that it is ergonomic sky poor,  a you have to bend your head too much to work on it.