The brutal reality as seen by 3D Radiological Imaging

Photo:  3D image from Harborview Medical Center

Photo:  3D image from Harborview Medical Center

Technology is changing the way we are able to visualize everything.  This 3D imaging study shows a picture that makes more sense to us than would a simple xray.

In this case, a worker was killed on the job when he was installing a defective device.  The electrical system in the piece of equipment had been negligently manufactured.  When he started to install it, the device shorted  and launched like a rocket into his face.  He survived the impact but died in the hospital about a month later.

As a lawyer when I look at this image I think about the shock that must have been felt when his face was smashed.  The blow would have knocked him to the ground.  He would have been in shock.  Bleeding profusely.  When his hand reached up could feel his broken bones.  His left eye was gone.   His jaw was broken, unhinged, swinging freely.  His teeth and pieces of bone, ligament and muscle  began to clog his airway.  Until he could no longer breathe.

When I see an image like this, I see a man's terror.