Mad John

Photo:  Mad John

Photo:  Mad John

John doesn't get angry.

He may get grumpy (on rare occasion).

But he doesn't get angry.

I take for granted his smiles.  His good attitude.

John do this.  John do that.

Okay, he says and does.

I can be pretty bossy.  Comes with the territory of being a trial lawyer.

But today John is not happy.

We have been trying to schedule a deposition.

This doesn't sound like it should be difficult.  But it almost always is.  Have to find a time that works for everyone.  In this case, the witness who is not a party is also bringing his own lawyer.  Finally find a date.  Send out the notices.  Book flight and car on Monday.  Always wait just to make sure.

2:00 pm Wednesday email from defense - "unfortunately" the witnesses' "counsel can longer attend the deposition on Friday."

2:05 pm email from me -  "These things happen and I don’t blame you.  But crap."

John has been rushing around helping get materials ready for deposition and doing many other things for many other cases.

He comes into room.  I say - the deposition is off.

And then mad John appears.

This rare sighting results in the above picture.