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Dave the Bailiff and Julie the Clerk

We meet Dave the Bailiff first.  Through emails.  We are cooling our heels.  Waiting to see if our trial will start on time.  Instead of ignoring us, Dave gives us up to date emails.  Plus he has a sense of humor.

We are in trial for three weeks.  During this time we get to know Dave the Bailiff and his smile even better.  But there's someone next to him up on the bench.  Julie the Clerk.  She seems quiet but it is all an act.  She has a droll sense of humor.  We like both of them.

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The day before trial....or not

The suspense is building.  All of our exhibits have been copied and are ready to go.  We have larger than life size poster boards of images.  Witness lists done.  Trial briefs done.  Motions done.  Jury Instructions done.  Briefs contesting the other side's arguments done.  Our witnesses have been called and are on standby.  We are so ready.

We've overcome all of the attacks on the case to get this far.  Feel like the Black Stallion.  Dancing, prancing, frothing a little bit, waiting for that door to open so can GO!

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