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Post Trial Motion: Ride the Ducks International Wants a New Trial and a New Judge

The jury renders its verdict. The media covers the story. The public sees the headlines. It looks like the case is over.

But no.

The 40 injured victims who have waited three and a half years for justice. Are still waiting.

Because Ride the Ducks International/its insurance companies have more legal moves to make.

Motion number one: Demand a new trial with a different judge.

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Should the dead person have been allowed to tell the story

I told my kids a lot of stories when they were little.  Pictures were good and well.  But what they really liked was when I acted out the characters.

In trial opening is the opportunity to tell the story.  There are no rules that say we need to read it and be boring.  Over the years I have ben a bus, a cross walk, and other various objects or people when I've told the opening story.   But look what happened in this case.  The judge was not used to having a story told with quite as much dramatic flair.

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Judge pounds defense firm

We send out written questions allowed by court rules.  We get back pages of objections from the defense.  Pages and pages sometimes.  This is not only irritating.  It is frustrating.  Because we tend to sue big corporations, insurance companies and sometimes the government.  If they hide things, it makes it difficult to prove a case.

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Oral motions argument

Once upon a time, it was normal for trial lawyers to argue motions several times a week.   We used to sit in courtrooms for hours, drinking in the atmosphere, listening to our colleagues and adversaries present their positions, waiting for our cases to be called.  We learned which tactics worked, and which did not.

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About Preconceptions

I've heard that Twin Falls is in one of the most conservative counties in the United States. That's one reason I would like to try a case here. To see. To understand. To connect.

The courthouse is right off the main road in town. I start to walk in the door but Joe my co-counsel tells me we are going that away (off to the left). To the annex. The courthouse is now used as offices (like for the prosecutor).

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