Voir Dire...as a social gathering via Spreecast

What the heck is a spreecast.

Why so glad you asked.  But can't quite explain it to you.  Because still not exactly sure.

Mitch Jackson, asks me to do one with him.  On voir dire.

First, have to get the spreecast up and going on computer.  But the screen goes dark and there's a box telling me to hit a button.  Can't hit the button because box won't close.   So call Mitch.  He walks me through to the black screen and box.  He says, hit the button in the box.  I say - it isn't a real box.  He says - hit it.  So I do and well...it is a real box.  What a dummy.

So it is up and going and basically he's on one side of the screen and I'm on the other.  He's a real pro.  Has an ear piece and looks sharp.  I on the other hand, am bouncing on my ball and looking off to the side where I think the camera is.

Despite my personal challenges, we have the spreecast and it is quite fun.  He is quite perky and a darn good interviewer.  Kind of like a lawyer version of a decades younger Larry King.

Here's the interview.