Phuong Dinh The Brave to give commencement address


Two extra years were needed for Phuong to graduate from North Seattle College after she was almost killed in the Ride the Ducks crash on the Aurora Bridge on September 24, 2015. She missed one whole year due to being at Harborview and the Kiero Rehabilitation Home. When she was able to enter school her injuries required her to take reduced loads. Including fitting in a total hip replacement surgery during winter break 2017. Phuong was the lead plaintiff in the Ride the Ducks trial that occurred from October 1 2018 through February 7, 2019. As the trial went on, Phuong attended classes, worked part time as a student leader, and focused her efforts on fulfilling her educational goals.

Phuong’s indominable spirit, fun loving nature, and grit have been her hallmarks from day 1. To meet her is to admire her. And so…

We are thrilled to announce that Phuong has been chosen to be a commencement speaker at her graduation on June 14!!!!