Law, art and destiny

Several years ago my friend and colleague Morris Rosenberg asked me to work with him to represent Nancy Callan a world class glass artist.   She was and is a fun and amazing person.   After the case concluded I visited her house/studio and bought a glass sculpture.  I also bought an modern architectural painting from her long time partner Julia Ricketts.

When I moved out of our house of 21 years this past summer, I lifted a black and white painting off the wall for the first time in about ten years. Bought it at the Pratt art auction. Never paid much attention to who it was by. Just liked it. As I turned it over the name on the back jumped out at me. It was by the very same Julia Ricketts.  I had never made the connection even though holding them together it was clear they were by the same person.

Today, my colleague Steve H calls to see if I can try a case due to a conflict in his schedule.  I am smiling wide as I break the news to John who shudders.   He's an artist, I say.  This will be so fun!  John mumbles about our calendar situation.  He dutifully finds out the clients name.  Googles it.  Sends me the artist website link.  I look at the pictures and tilt my head.  They seem so familiar.  Really love his style.


Come home tonight and look at a small acrylic that I bought four years ago at SAM’s art gallery where they sell local artists.  The signature is indecipherable.  I take another look at the pictures on the website and the scrawl looks similar but not exact.  I then have the bright idea of turning over my painting.  And voila.  By the same person.  My new client whom I can't wait to meet!