Dear Judge - don't give the defense lawyers her Facebook account

Am heading out on a plane tomorrow to fight this in court.  The young woman is 21.  The defense pulled all of her public social network postings a few years ago.  Recently they tried to grab more stuff off the sites but encountered privacy settings.

We bring a motion  to prevent "an unnecessary additional fishing expedition into her private life."  The defense says - this information could be relevant so it has to be produced.

Anne is getting everything firmed up.  Checks me in.  Prints out the ticket.  Confirms the rental car.  Prints and emails directions.  Electronic folder of all the documents.

Cristina comes into my room for lunch.  It is one of those at-the-desk eating days.  Almost 2:00 and didn't have breakfast either.   Am still keyed up about the 12 page brief the defense has filed to oppose our protective order motion.  Had to research and write a reply brief on top of back to back to back to back meetings.  Then the defense files a "sur-reply" brief which isn't even allowed in the court rules. But they don't care. They file it anyway.

After engaging in an absolute fit, tell Cristina she might be interested in reading all of this.  She shivers, shakes her head and says.  No.  I can't read any of that.  I can't stand the thought.

It is all such an invasion.

Here is the motion for protective order:  PL MfPO

Here is the defense response:  2012-06-27 - PUD's Opp to Pl's Mtn for Protective Order

Here is the reply brief: Pls Reply re Motion for PO