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Deposition of a defense psychiatrist: doctor do you have a crystal ball

Ms. A is insured by State Farm with UIM. They do not want to pay the claim.  They hire this psychiatrist to do a records review. To help them challenge the injury claim.   Dr. P never meets or interviews Ms. A.   But being the God-like creature that he is, will testify that Ms. A somaticizes her injuries and has "secondary gain."   What this means in real people language - is that she is making the injuries up.   My job is to show that he is the one making things up.

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How to bite tongue and pound a hammer

A.  This is the polite way I have to fight defendants who move the court to dismiss my client's case. (Page 1 of 15).

In a chain reaction freeway collision, both defendants admittedly rear ended the vehicles in front of them.  They claim they are neither negligent nor a proximate cause of injuries to Mr. F who was smashed in between them.

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How to (kind of) suffer through leading questions

There is a school of thought that you should not object during trial.  Just let the bad questions go where they will.   So the jury won't think you are trying to hide something by objecting.  Maybe so.  Maybe not.

But in a video perpetuation deposition the court rules on the objections ahead of time.  And then the videotape is edited.  The jury isn't dragged through the technical details.

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Bad things jurors aren't told in car crash cases

If we could give jurors the full story, they wouldn’t be so suspicious and skeptical.  Generally trial starts off with the jurors more suspicious of the plaintiff than the defendant.   They think the plaintiff is probably very greedy and that’s why a case hasn’t settled out of court.   They feel sorry for the poor defendant.  Some of the laws and the judges who interpret the laws, make it even more difficult for a plaintiff to get a fair shake.  They prevent the jury from hearing what is really going on.   Here are the top three things that jurors have not been told in car crash cases that I’ve tried.20

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