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Dear injured (or dead) person - hire me: The shame of being in a profession, where lawyers directly solicit clients.

Based upon a true story:

Last week, my wife of 35 years was driving to the store and was hit by another car.  The police came to my house to take me to the hospital to see her.  She's been there ever since.  We don't think she will make it.

Each day I drive or am driven to the hospital by our children.  I stay there as long as I can.  I just had surgery myself.  So I need to come home to try to rest in between rushing back to be with her.

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Pollyanna goes to business school: Lawyernomics 2013

Back when I was an  defense lawyer, this is how the firm got business.  The partners golfed with, rubbed shoulders at clubs with, went golfing and to four star dinners with insurance and corporate key persons.  The firm maintained these relationships and periodically was able to build a new relationship with yet another company.  These relationships could last for decades.

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The ghost writer

Today a ghost writer offered to secretly write my blog.

Before deleting her spam, I took a peek at the links to the firms she writes for.  Bet they'll be happy to know they've been outed. 

It is slimy to hire someone to do legal blogging without disclosing that the writer is: a) not a member of the firm and b) not a lawyer.  Plus maintaining a blog simply for the sake of having a blog, is kinda lame.

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I'm driving home from work, trying to bypass the Mercer Street mess (if you live in Seattle, you know what that is).  I go south over the viaduct go through the stadium district up Edgar Martinez Way (if you are a Mariners fan you know who he is) come to a stop light.  I'm waiting to get onto I-90.  Settling into a zen-like state as part of traffic aggravation-avoidance strategies, when I almost swallow my gum.  Ok, understand gum chewing is probably not a good thing do to when in search of Ooooohm.  But I like popping bubbles.

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