The ghost writer

Today a ghost writer offered to secretly write my blog.

Before deleting her spam, I took a peek at the links to the firms she writes for.  Bet they'll be happy to know they've been outed. 

It is slimy to hire someone to do legal blogging without disclosing that the writer is: a) not a member of the firm and b) not a lawyer.  Plus maintaining a blog simply for the sake of having a blog, is kinda lame.

Also, if you are such a great writer, don't you think the salutation should at least include the name of the person you are soliciting.  Here goes:


I came across your website today while I was looking for other legal bloggers, and noticed that you focus on personal injury. I also noticed that some of your blogs aren’t updated often.   The blogs have great potential for client leads generation, and hiring a ghostwriter could be a cost-effective way of getting their  marketing potential working for you again.

I would like to offer you my ghostwriting services to maintain your blog.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Shabana Nather, and I am a professional law firm blogger. I currently ghostwrite a several  blogs for law firms in Texas, California, New Jersey and Georgia. Posts are search engine optimized, and are crafted with a view to attracting potential clients who may be looking for attorneys to represent them.

Here are links to just a few of the blogs I ghostwrite:

Consumer Fraud Blog
Eagle Ford Shale Attorneys
Indiana Lawyer Blog
WGC Law Firm Blog

Here are links to samples of website copy.

Industrial Injury Attorney
Product Liability Lawyer
(I created content for all the practice area pages on these sites.)
Tacoma Bankruptcy Attorney
Several of these blogs rank highly for location-specific keywords, and have helped generate new client leads for these law firms.

If you would like to discuss ghostwriting services for your blog, or have questions for me, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for your time,  and I look forward to hearing from you!

Shabana Nather
Law Firm Blogger and Attorney Website Content Writer

Note:  The day after I posted the blog, Shabana emailed and called and asked me to remove the hyperlinks that were imbedded in her email and thus made it into this blog.  I removed the hyperlinks.  Not out of respect for the law firms.  But due to her level of personal distress.