There are always a few mouse turds in a bag of rice

If you or a loved one are injured (or worse).  This is what won't happen.  My law firm will not come knocking uninvited on your door.

On May 13, an injured person filed a lawsuit against three law firms and their "runners" for trying to get him to sign up as their client.

Here's what happened.

He was injured on April 25.  On the 27 and 28 he received unsolicited phone calls and visits from people claiming to represent the three law firms trying to get him to become their client.

This conduct violated state law in Alabama.  But the law is no different here in Washington.  Lawyers can advertise because that is free speech.  They can even send a crass letter to a victim/family after reading something in the news.  But they can't make phone calls or visits.

I've never heard of someone suing attorneys for this misconduct before.  The victim in this case was actually a young attorney who was disgusted by unscrupulous and unethical behavior and decided to do something about it.

Attorneys who troll the internet looking for the most recent headlines so they rush to get a new client - well, they make me sick.