On Winging It.

Have to resist rolling eyes when people say: so you're going to wing it.  In mind see chicken flapping wings with feathers flying everywhere.

Have finished lovely run.  Am a bit late so go directly to the seminar registration desk and pick up materials.  Head to elevator on way to room for a bit of a wash and change.

Rick Friedman (a great trial lawyer) is coming out of the elevator.  Am introducing him at tomorrow's seminar and doing a bit of an interview with him Oprah style for part of the time.  We exchange niceties about how gorgeous Whistler is.  Then he says - is there any reason we need to formally sit down and go over any of this.  I say no.  We smile at each other with relief. He says.  Okay, so we're winging it.  He turns off and heads to the seminar.  I head into the elevator mumbling - don't wing things.

Fast forward to the very end of the day.  Am having a nice little dinner snack with Maria, Andrea and Janet.  Janet talks about the seminar on Sunday that she is chairing.  Says something about me speaking at it.  Look at her - huh?  Am not speaking at that seminar.  She says - yes you are.  This back and forth goes on for several minutes until realize - oh yes.  Am speaking at seminar.  Have not turned in any written materials as did not know was speaking.  Have never in my life not turned in written materials when speaking - know how important it is.  Did see something from WSAJ talking about materials due, but assumed it was just a form letter that didn't apply as the interview am doing of Rick is just me being Oprah.

Ask her what the topic is am supposed to speak on she can't remember.  She looks me in the eyes and says - so guess you're going to wing it.  Mumble under breath.  Two times in one day am not going to wing it.

Come back to room with image of flapping chicken in head.  Decide to look it up and learn something quite important:

'Winging it' is a theatrical expression which refers to impromptu performances that were given by actors who had hurriedly learned their lines while waiting in the wings and then received prompts from there.

Not exactly a flattering image either.  But will no longer think of chickens when hearing this phrase.