The Alpha in Deposition

Nala likes me to do her bidding.  She takes me for her walks.  She puts her head or paw on my foot when we are sitting here in the office.  We will have staring contests which she almost always wins before I give up and blink.  Am okay with that.

Could have chosen to follow the instructions from the doggie obedience school (who had Nala trained perfectly for an entire month before we undid everything).  But was happier with letting Nala's own perky personality rule the day (and us).

In deposition am often confronted with defense lawyers trying to be The Alpha.  Don't like this.  Unlike Nala, am not interested in fostering their personalities (though some are certainly quite delightful).

This is where the money spent for doggie training comes in handy as can apply lessons learned.

In this deposition excerpt, the nice defense lawyer from Perkins Coie wants to make a speaking objection which is a NoNo.  In order to prevent this behavior must say No each time it occurs or is about to occur.  This must be done firmly and with stern eyes.  Yelling should be avoided as want to reinforce that it is the behavior that is bad not the doggie (person).  Positive reinforcement should come though probably not with a treat.  A smile will do.

Here is the excerpt: To the form.pdf