Balderdash - calling out defense experts who cite phantom articles

This is becoming a pastime of mine.   I call it: name that article.   Let's see if this defense rehab doctor (physiatrist) can do more than blow smoke:

11   Q    So do you believe that when someone has suffered an
12        injury such as she did following a motor vehicle
13        collision that they are cured, and everything is back to
14        anatomical correctness as if she had never been in a
15        motor vehicle collision?
16   A    Are you asking in general or in her case?
17   Q    Either.
18   A    Well, in general, some people remain symptomatic for
19        many years, and some get -- the great majority that get
20        in these accidents are all better within two or three
21        months.
22   Q    And when you say all better, that means that it was as
23        if nothing had ever happened to begin with?
24   A    I think if you talk to, you know, people on the street
25        that have had auto accidents, they tell you that they
1        healed up from them after a few months.  Sometimes it's
2        a little longer, but that's basically what happens when
3        you talk to people, and the medical literature supports
4        that.
5   Q    What medical literature supports that?
6   A    Articles, journals.
7   Q    Well, go ahead and tell me one of those articles and
8        I'll look it up.
9   A    I don't have them sitting in front of me.
10   Q    Give me the name of one.
11   A    I don't have them sitting in front of me.  I would have
12        to do a literature search on my computer to do that.
13        But my statements's based on, you know, being involved
14        in this area for about 40 years.
15   Q    I know.  You've said that like five times, and I
16        appreciate your longevity in the field.  But I'm wanting
17        some support for your statements.  So you can't think of
18        a single article?
19   A    I don't memorize those kinds of things, it's just stuff
20        I read and I either save them or access them when I need
21        them.