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Ride the Ducks Trial Day 16: The Safety Director

Jury is filing in.  Am standing off to the side to let them pass.  Realize still wearing sneakers.  Judge has noticed and chuckles.  Rush to chair.  Sit and buckle ankle straps of heels.  This looks better with stockings, black criss cross in the front bcbg skirt with raspberry toned red Moschino jacket over free people wildly batique-ish top with key hole neckline. Costume bangles accompanying apple watch.

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Trial Cross of a defense neurosurgeon: using paper cups, water and a raincoat

Prologue: Plaintiff had back surgery.  She had returned to work only just the past week, when she was hit hard by a bad driver.  Ultimately she needed a second surgery due to the crash.  The bad driver admitted fault and her company paid.  But she didn't have enough insurance.  So our client, Ms. P made a claim under her Underinsured Motorist Policy.  Which is what you are supposed to do.  Allstate, her insurance company, required her to sue them as that is what the UIM policy says has to happen.  Ms. P sued Allstate.  Then went thru Mandatory Arbitration.  But Allstate didn't like the verdict so they appealed it and forced a jury trial.  Their main witness was Dr. Blue, a retired neurosurgeon.  During the direct exam, he tells the jury that Ms. P's additional problems after the crash, are related to her pre-existing conditions that had been mildly strained.  He says her second surgery wasn't related to the crash.

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Cross exam wrestling match with a defense vocational rehab counselor

The expert witness is making my blood boil.   Direct exam is a pre-rehearsed script.  The defense attorney reads a question the expert spews back an answer.  They don't come right out and say so, but the inference is the client isn't working because either: a) lazy or b) hoping for lawsuit lottery.  They don't have to be so nasty.

Hand is on client's arm.  Whisper words of kindness from time to time.   Keep mask of pleasant person firmly on face.  Do not roll eyes.  Realize foot is tapping.  Become still.  Like a falcon.

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