Cross-Examination Handbook

Ron Clark is a blogging buddy and a distinguished practitioner in residence at Seattle U.  Talk about a cool job.

He sent me his latest book that he wrote with one of my dear friends Bill Bailey (and a third author George Dekle):  Cross-Examination Handbook.

It is not as small as my hand however.

At almost 400 pages and with a CD of case files it is safe to say that this is an exhaustive reference book and practice manual.

I like that it is not just line after line of text.  There are pictures in it (O-Jay for one).  Cute little boxes highlight techniques like - "Impeachment by contradiction."  And my favorite - "Don't Stop: the liar-liar technique."

This is a law book written by actual attorneys who have practice law.  [No offense meant to the purely academic writers].  This book transcends what a person can learn in law school.  It takes you right into the courtroom.