Cross exam wrestling match with a defense vocational rehab counselor

The expert witness is making my blood boil.   Direct exam is a pre-rehearsed script.  The defense attorney reads a question the expert spews back an answer.  They don't come right out and say so, but the inference is the client isn't working because either: a) lazy or b) hoping for lawsuit lottery.  They don't have to be so nasty.

Hand is on client's arm.  Whisper words of kindness from time to time.   Keep mask of pleasant person firmly on face.  Do not roll eyes.  Realize foot is tapping.  Become still.  Like a falcon.

The judge turns to me and says the magic words:  cross examination?

Even though you cannot see what physically is going on, this transcript gives you a sense of the drama of cross examination.  The first two battles involve seemingly simple questions.  First, want him to tell us how much he charged to work up this case.  Second, want to get him out of the witness chair to list the injuries on a white board.

He balks at both simple requests.  And off we go.

Click here to read the transcript:

Skilling cross.pdf