Communing with Nature

At the last minute the sun makes an appearance so I run out the doors of the Davenport Hotel and head towards the river.  Spokane has the wonderful “Centennial Trail” that winds its way from the city through Gonzaga to the out and beyond. As I jog into the country (well, it is country-like in places) I feel like little red riding hood venturing into the forest with all its little creatures.  I see robins, ducks, and these critters that look like big fat giant squirrels with tails  like bottle brushes.  I have no idea what they are.  I’m sweaty and happy as I head back through Gonzaga, looking at the swollen river and bopping to my music.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a large gaggle of geese on the lawn complete with a crowd of gosslings.  Oh how beautiful, I think.  I am one with nature!  At which point, a bit of something catches my attention.  It is the biggest goose of all, running flat out towards me with its beak open (apparently yelling at me but my music has drowned it out).  It is so close I can see down its throat.  Its eyes are sparkling with total hostility.  I am fueled with fear and bolt away from that mean goose.  I haven’t run that fast since, well, I don’t think since ever.