AAJ Convention Day 1 Lunch with Michael

I'm rushing past a sign, when I double back. Michael Freeman is going to be speaking. I pull out my phone and dial him. Woo hoo we are able to get together for lunch right away.

I take him to the smorgasborg in Leader's Forum. Hey - if my firm is going to pay the extra funds needed to support AAJ - well, I'm going to eat for free whenever possible. Plus the food here is really fresh and good. In fact, I have a salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and vegetables and two helpings (hey I don't eat meat and there was nothing else) of cute little roasted potatoes, an entire plate of fruit and half a cream puff (a cream puff is not candy. I haven't violated my ban on candy).

Michael is as hyper as I am. We are like two atoms bouncing off the walls as we eat our free food. He's telling me about a new epidemiological paper he is writing with several other geniuses. And I'm smiling and nodding my head and understanding about one out of every ten things he says.