AAJ Convention Day 0 Gary Pillersdorf

Gary Pillersdorf is speaking and his body is jerking around crazily up on the podium. At least I think it is, because I can see one arm up in the air gesticulating and his head is bopping around.

Gary is an attorney from New York. He has gray hair carefully parted from the left side and has probably had the same hair cut for his entire adult life - which is pretty darned long. His glasses cover crinkly, kind, lively eyes. His mouth speaks with a husky rapid fire text book New York accent frequently peppered with "allrights" (to make sure you are following him - which of course you will be if you can listen fast enough). Today he's in a dark blue suit, white striped shirt, red tie (how patriotic). He's slightly hunched over and you could pass him in the street without giving him a second thought. Trust me though. Once you've heard Gary speak, you will never forget him.

I've never heard Gary give a speech or even had just a momentary quick hello moment with him, where he hasn't said something that absolutely just cracks me up. Everything he says is designed to tickle. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. Just a second ago, he said that in order to get an X dollar verdict he'd be happy "to have someone cut off my legs and call me shorty." He has got to be one of the funniest people alive.

Gary is one of the best trial lawyers in New York and has been for decades. I would like to watch him try a case. I imagine defense lawyers dread him. They know going into it, that he will play with them and keep them off balance and most importantly, the jury will fall in love with him. He is like your idea of a naughty but wise slightly adorable uncle who doesn't try to teach by lecturing, but does so by enchanting.

I think it is hilarious when Gary speaks at educational programs for lawyers. First of course, he stands out in the sea of usually boring lawyers, like a cavorting sea lion pup. I am so BORED listening to most lawyers which is a terrible thing to admit since I am one and love so many of them and appreciate their good heartedness and yadayada. But hey, the truth will set you free. Anyway. Second, the whole Gary The Educator thing is really one big giant set up. Because no matter what he says, there's no way anyone can be like Gary.