AAJ Convention Night 1 The Leviathan

We go to the opening reception of AAJ at the aquarium and there's only one thing I need to see - the Leviathan. I remember the first time I saw this tropical fish, I was just fascinated (and a little scared). Since then every time I go to Vancouver, I want to go for a visit. It is a giant tropical fish that looks prehistoric. There's a mad crush of people squeezed into the space and I have to search for my fish. There is a contortionist moving around and about a little box, and ten feet tall frogs on stilts with ballet shoes at the bottom. "Hi" I say, over and over again as I run into friends. Coming around a corner I see it and rush over. It is actually laying on the ground. Darn it. I wait and slowly it levitates and begins swimming in its giant gliding-wavy way.

The loudspeakers announce an event - I think it's changing of guards of the new Executive Director. We're supposed to go outside and listen to speeches and clap our hands. But I just stay there, watching the Leviathan and marveling. It is an Avatar moment.