AAJ Convention Day 0 Lunch with Janice

I'm late for the Women's Leadership event ... because I didn't feel like getting up any earlier. I go because I want to show support, the topics aren't really of too much interest for me since I am now such an old attorney (oh I am just such an impatient person - a true vice). I really arrive at the perfect time - because it is lunch! I find the room, sit in the nearest seat, look to my right and how perfect. I've seated myself next to Janice Kim.

I first heard Janice speak probably ten years ago now. I love her because she is completely fine being herself which is great. She is from Hawaii, and is one of those people who is always thinking about things in a Jerry Seinfeldish kind of way - pulling out the simple essence of the matter. Making you go --- hmmmmm. She's introspective and always putting her life lessons into her "art."

We spend the whole lunch catching up and reconnecting. Every time I see her she has "something new" she wants to try out. I hope I can see her presentation. There is always so much going on at AAJ, that they have to pile events on top of and over one another.