On hospital introduced flesh eating bacteria and superbugs

The calls are coming in with increasing frequency.  Loves ones have died after simple medical procedures.  The cause:  killer bacteria introduced into the body sometime during or after the procedure.  Surgical incisions aren't even necessary.

The survivors are usually in shock.  One day the husband has some problem with the digestive tract and is going in for an exploratory scope.  A little while later, his organs have rotted and died from the inside out due to a hospital introduced micro piranha feeding frenzy.

If a person dies from this type of bacterial infestation, the hospital needs to be proactive.  It should immediately conduct an investigation to determine the exact microorganism involved and an autopsy should be ordered.

The procedure should be no different than what we expect if a restaurant causes someone to get e-coli or other food borne illness.  The restaurant needs to figure out what happened immediately.  Isolate the cause.  Scrub down and eliminate the hazard.  And take care of the people sickened or killed.

When public safety is involved, institutions shouldn't try to protect themselves from possible lawsuits by pretending life threatening contamination problems don't exist.