Packing, whacking, and a sick dog

My toe is throbbing and I suppose I should tell you why.

Am also not going to edit this blog.  You’ll see it needs to be.  The p key just fell off the lapto.  In order to hit the p I have to pause and touch it just perfectly which is a real pain.  It isn’t actually a key anymore, just a little blue nub.   All missing letters will be pees.  Sure hoe Ryan can fix this in the morning.

It is Monday and have to go into work due to gargantuan pile on desk and multiple hone calls that must be made.  Should stay at home a prisoner to frantic packing effort.  But must go to work.

The furnace guy gets here at 7:30 am to fix it for over two hours.  When everything is all done he brings out the (blackened fuzzy) air filters and waves them at me and says that’s why the thing is broken.  Which makes sense.  Who invented air filters anyway.  For one thing couldn’t reach them without a ladder.  For a second thing, forgot them after all they are way up high.

Rush to the office but have to detour to dro Nala off at Vet as she has an ear infection.  Get soaked going from car to clinic.  They are booked.  Get soaked some more going from clinic to car.  Drive over to the animal hospital.   Have John push back the first teleconference.  Call Cristina as don’t want to get soaked going from car into hospital.  Get to hospital and sit in parking lot until Cristina calls.  They can see her in about 4 hours.  Drive across the street to Whole Foods.  It has stoped raining (drizzle isn’t rain).  Grab salad and rush to office.  Handle first call.

Deal with emergencies and calls and iles and trial lawyer’s typical Monday life.  Nala is curled up right next to me not feeling well.  Try to get on multi party conference call.  Hone won’t work.  Kee trying number.  Won’t work.  Run around office trying to figure out what the heck. John and Kerri are running around too.  Whelan waves hello.  Someone says something about do I ever wear shoes (answer not if can avoid it).  Finally get confirmation the service provider is having roblems.   Figures.  We are late and have a patchwork of cell phones and regular phones ut together to make it finally work .  Finish late which overlas with the next major call.  That we can’t call into because of the same problem.

Meanwhile, Anne has descended like the angel she is and takes Nala to the vet because am in phone call neverending nightmare.  Finish 2 hours later and Nala has been given ear medicine thanks to Anne (and vet).

Rush out the door straight into rush hour.  Inch way home.  Need to call the storage place whose name don’t know - for tomorrow to arrange a truck.  Have to wait til get home because haven’t figured out the new phone yet.  Actually not so new but still haven’t figured it out.  Plus am obeying the law not to surf the net while driving.

Get home.  Turn on computer but the wireless is down.  It was taken aart yesterday when donated the armoire to a friend of a friend and they couldn’t figure how to put it back together.  Neither can I.   Use an air card and get connected to the storage place.  Too bad, trucks are all reserved.  Drat.  Reserve a storage unit.  Call Cristina who says she’ll find a uhaul.  That was about 4 hours ago.  Hope she does.

This isn’t even for the big art of the move.  Am not even going to tell you how many uhauls of friends/relatives have already visited this place and hauled stuff out.  Am not going to tell you how much stuff one family can collect in 21 years.  It is horrid.

Decide to take pile of stuff to the condo where will be camping out for the next few months – thank you Catherine’s arents.  Drive there drop off drive back without getting lost.

Am running around the house acking boxes, wrapping stuff and basically spinning around like the dervish who used to chase after the roadrunner back in the days when we used to watch cartoons when they were only on Saturday morning.  Lift up a metal whatnot and drop it edge down bang on the second toe next to the left little toe – not sure what name it really is called.  And scream out – ouch!  Hop on one foot with Nala looking sedately on (only time the poor dear is sedate is when she’s ill).  Look down thinking must have whacked  off toe  because it has just been guillotined.   Put a package of frozen something on it which feels exquisitely awful.  Am also getting ready to go to the gym for quick run which will be interesting because toe feels very bad.

Bandaid it up.  Go for run at gym, come back and resume rushing around silent house with growing mound of boxes.  Nala isn’t even chasing me.  Put in iod and dance to Aretha while acking some more.