A trip to Arkansas to speak at their annual convention.

inn of the ozarks.jpg


6:30am wake

7:00am get up

8:00am go for run with Nala

9:30am return home get ready grab suitcase.  Email from insurance attorney – they will take out that language.

10:15am Drop Nala off at Doggie Daycare.  Drive to airport

10:45am arrive. find parking spot on second floor along the very far wall. Which is still a miracle.

11:45am finally get through TSA – forgot to enter precheck info in American Airlines.  Spy Evergreens – favorite salad shop which has just opened in the concourse.  Spicy Kale Caesar with tofu, garbanzos, olives and avocado.  They cut it all up and stick it in a bowl

12:15pm last section to board plane.  Group 9. They take my bag and check it without letting me quarrel.

9:40pm after a stop in Dallas land at Fayetteville Arkansas NW regional airport.  Get rental car.  Which backs right up to the luggage carousel.  Am just getting ready to head over to lost luggage when mine crests the conveyor belt.  The very last piece to make it. 

10:00pm  load rental.  Turn on  google maps on phone. But can’t figure out how to make it talk. Watch buzzes each time am supposed to do something which helps.  Was told it would take 45 minutes. Follow twisty route for an hour and fifteen.

11:15pm Inn of the Ozarks is in sight.  Check in.  It is not nice.  Try not to be a snob.  Cannot help it when open room door and it smells like many pairs of old shoes.  Swat a gnat and kill it. 

11:30pm Work on presentation:  A Modern Trial – lessons from a 4 month paperless trial with hundreds of exhibits and witnesses from around the world.  Pull various powerpoints and pieces together.

1:00am Finish.

1:30am Try to go to sleep.  But it is only 11:30 Seattle time. 

2:30am Turn off the light


6:00am People upstairs move around.  Can trace their every foot step.

7:00am Some of the Harleys parked in front of room door rev up.

7:15am Think about getting up.  But it is really 5:15.  So don’t

7:45am Get up

8:20am Leave room and walk to convention center down the hill.

8:30am Arrive.  Listen to first speaker talk about product liability and autonomous vehicles

9:00am Start presentation. The audience is attentive. Can see eyeballs instead of people with their heads bowed over phones and computers. Their engagement makes the trip worthwhile.

10:30am Finish presentation. Talk to some folks for a bit.

10:50am Back in room.  Change into lululemon uniform.

11:00am Leave.  Drive on twisty road

12:15pm Drop off rental car.

12:30pm Eat lunch and check email at airport grill.

1:15 pm plane is loading.

7:10pm having gained back two hours land. Drive to Doggie Day Care. Pick up Nala.

Photo: At least could park directly in front of the motel room