My favorite part about the Ride the Ducks Appeal


The notices of appeal arrive today. First by Ride the Ducks International (out of Branson Missouri). Second by Ride the Ducks Seattle.

Predictable. Still makes me mad to see them. Especially since Ducks Seattle went around crowing to the world how happy they were with the jury’s verdict. Got an adjective to describe that behavior but will refrain.

Usually do my best to not take things personally. Was a defense lawyer a long time ago. They are just doing their job. But after the trial fire we just went through - that type of forgiving thinking doesn’t work any more.

What the ducks and their insurance companies did to our clients - not just on that road - but in that courtroom. Can never look at the defense lawyers the same. It’s one thing to try to defend a client when they are completely in the wrong. It is another to disrespect the innocent just because you are on the losing side. They reminded me of how awful I was in trial 25 years ago defending a drunk Metro bus driver who ran over and killed a disabled man. I was hideous. At least left that job before it totally ruined me.

In my ever present Polyanna-ish-ness, there is something that makes me feel mighty fine when looking at the appeals. It is the bond. That’s right. In order to appeal they had to get not one, not two, but three bonds totaling One Hundred Thirty Three Million Eight Hundred Nineteen Thousand, Sixty dollars and 67 cents ($133,819,060.67). This includes interest of Thirteen Million Five Hundred Thirty Two Thousand, Two Hundred Sixty Four dollars and 57 cents ($13,532,264.57) which is likely to accrue in the time it will take for the appeal to occur.

That at least is something.

Notice of Supersession here.

Photo: This road will eventually end.