Sunday Trial Prep

My emotional claw reaches out from time to time, grabbing at Noelle and holding her tight.  My last child left at home while the others are in college.  For one more year.    As I get ready for this next week,  I reminisce about these past eleven years of being a single mother who goes to trial.  The logistics!   Several months ago, I had a trial in Olympia Washington. The drive was shy of two hours each way - worse during rush hour.   One of my partners said - oh there's a great hotel you can stay at right next to the courthouse.  And I said, I have Noelle with me.  I can't stay in a hotel.  I think he gets it, but probably not.  It isn't his fault.  My reality is a bit different than his.


The weekend before a trial means that I do trial preparation, but I also am still a mom.    Here is what I do today: I wake up at 8:30 which is late, but justified because I was working on trial prep until 2:30 a.m.   Noelle is at church and then going to the pumpkin patch with her youth group.  I feed Nala and take her out for her morning ritual, work a few hours, start a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen and the family room, get a call from Alysha.  Talk to her, agree to meet her at Target for some supplies at 11:15.  Put first load of laundry in the dryer, start a second load.  Drive to Target, hug and hang with Alysha.  Then go to Trader Joes with her to get her some food and an orchid to brighten her place.  Hop over to the Chevron, fill up her car and back to the house.  Ed is there waiting to see me.  Give him a hug.  Alysha bops around for a few minutes, then leaves to go back to the UW.  Hug her.  Fold laundry load one.  Put second load in the dryer.  Check email, review a deposition.  Throw on gardening clogs, grab bucket and clippers.  Cut down two withering clematis vines clinging to side of house.  Prune a few roses.  Stuff into recycling bin.  Back into house.  Bid Ed and Nala adieu as they leave to go on a hike at Twin Lakes in Northbend with a friend around 2:00.  Fold second load of laundry.  Get back to analyzing depositions.  Work for two hours up to the last possible second, throw on running gear.  Run down along the Sammamish trail in perfect sunny fall weather.   Glorious. Clear head and think of the cases.   Rush back.  Hug Noelle who is back from pumpkin patch and doing homework.  Jump in and out of shower.  Ed is back with Nala.  She is filthy and he washes her but...I have to start a third load of laundry.  Start dishwasher.  Run out the door with Noelle.  Ed follows us.

Arrive at Thai Kitchen for an extended family dinner at 6:00.  Kiss and hug everyone.  My sister Jenny, her two boys and husband John.  Alysha and her boyfriend Reid have brought my mom and niece Erin.  There are eleven of us and we have a feast.  I think the phad see ew is the best.  Ed says the curry.  Mom says the appetizers.  How did we eat appetizers on top of everything else.   I'm sitting next to EJ, the four year old who is quite entertaining.  I give him and his five year old brother Ben, Buzz Lightyear plates to eat from and a halloween coloring book (thank you Target).  He's busy with a skeleton and a spiderweb.    We have a great time.  Finish.  Kiss and hug everyone and leave. Drive home with Noelle, talk about life.  Back in the door by 8:00.  Get wood from the back yard and start a fire in the wood stove so she can be cozy as she finishes her homework.  Light candles.  Put away some of her clothes (because I'm feeling nice today).  Make a bed with clean sheets from second load.  Continue working on trial prep.  Look at an email from yesterday from my "4th" daugher who calls me her mom2.  My 5th is my god daughter Jataun.  #4 is Noelle's best friend since grade school.  She asks me for input/help on the essay for her college admission paperwork.  I edit it. Check on Noelle.  She's fallen asleep.   Dishwasher buzzes.  Empty it.  Tell Noelle it's time to go to bed.  Her eyes are barely open as she tells me to go away.  I persist until up she goes, off to her room at 11:20.   Take Nala out.  She sees a squirrel.  Runs in circles, pulling my arm this way and that.  Is on full alert as she begrudgingly does her duty.  Runs in circles around me until we get back into house.  Bolts off to stand squirrel vigil at the window.   I go check on Noelle, give her a kiss goodnight.  Blow out candles.  Get back on computer.  Decide to write this blog.  Finish it.  Back to trial prep.