Celebrating a manly life

Personally I don't read the New York Times.  It is reputed to be one of the largest and best newspapers in the country.   I suppose if I was a Very Important Person, I could aspire to have an obituary placed there when I died.  A slightly morbid thought for sure.   But the Harvard Business Review blog today headlined this article:  "The NYT is Dead Wrong."  http://j.mp/bX5nWX.  And we all know Harvard has a better reputation for smartness than any newspaper.

The gist of the Harvard Blog:  unless I can become a man, I'm not getting on the NYT obit page.

Last month only 6 of 78 obituaries were of women. For 2010 as a whole only 92 of 698 obituaries were of women.  Talk about lack of diversity in honoring the dead!

The author of the blog speculates that this "bizarre gender gap" perhaps has more to do with honoring the starched rich shirts of those who work in corporate, banking, legal sectors versus the non-profit, community based entities (that are more populated by women?  really?) .

How about this as an explanation:  the NYT is geared to celebrate the manly life.