What to wear to trial - the dilemma of the broken toe

Trial starts tomorrow.  There's just one little itty problem.  And it is at the end of my foot.

The saga started two months ago. (Packing whacking and a sick dog).   Basically thought the toe was chopped off but instead broke it.

Like any good trial lawyer - didn't go to the doctor.  No time for that.  Instead watched the toe swell into warm fat sausage with red black and blue tinge.  Figured it would have healed by now but oh no.

It is finally a little less balloon like.  But still red especially after running on it.  Here is the drill - tape it up and then try to pretend it isn't killing me.

Court means no blue jeans, shorts or leggings.  Suits or things that look like suits are the accepted uniform.  Also means no sandals.  For two months with the exception of running shoes, have only worn sandals.  WebMD says:  "Shoes may be painful to wear or feel too tight."  No duh.  Tried my lowest pair of heels, took one step, yelled - holy moly! - and that was that.

So tomorrow, will have to tell the judge there is going to be a wardrobe problem during this trial.