Social Networking Warning Letter Form for Clients

When plaintiffs file lawsuits, the defense insurance companies hunt them down on the internet like criminals.

The plaintiffs' fun, fellowship, and joy of connecting with others through Facebook and Twitter; is instantly smashed to pieces when they find out they are being spied on.

But many people don't know that their harmless wall posts, photos, and video clips, are being amassed into an arsenal to be used against them.

In one of our cases, a 20 year old woman was almost killed when a car crossed the center line and hit her car.  She suffered a terrible brain injury and to this day must live in a nursing home.  Her mother kept her Myspace page active.  Even though her daughter couldn't use Myspace anymore, it was a way to keep in contact with her daughter's friends.  The defense attorneys pretended to be friends to try to get into the site.  When that didn't work they subpoenaed Myspace to get at the records.  They were digging for dirt, even though the young woman was not at all responsible for the wreck.

My paralegal John Meyers and I developed this form letter for our clients.  Please feel free to use and share it:

Social Networking Site Letter.pdf