Coming Soon: The Velvet Hammer Podcast



Cristina: Mom - the ducks podcast is a great idea. But you should do your own.

K3: That’s funny.

Cristina: You like to talk. Every video you’ve ever taken you narrate the whole thing. You should do it.

K3: Alysha, Noelle what do you think.

Alysha and Noelle: You should do it mom.

K3: hmmm.

Two months pass. Meanwhile two lawyers programs ask me to be interviewed for their podcasts. Do theirs. Think hmmm.


K3 to marketing committee and girls: I’m going to do a podcast!

Andrew: Awesome I support you.

Cristina, Alysha, Noelle: That’s great mom

Ryan and Mike: Okay let’s do it.

Alysha: Mom - you need to write out your plan, a vision, statement of theme.

K3 next day: done. Here is the title - The Velvet Hammer – an inside look at trial lawyer life with Karen Koehler.

Okay - Alysha can you add it to website. Ryan can you figure out if we should link it with firm. Noelle can you do the graphics. Mike can you handle all the equipment. Andrew what else.


Mike: I bought everything.

K3: Yay.

Mike the next day: It’s all set up in your pink room.

K3: Yay.

Marketing committee meeting that same day:

K3: Let’s go look at the set up.

Walk into room - oooh aaah

K3: Okay let’s do our first podcast. Andrew and Ryan you can be the guests.

Andrew and Ryan - what. no. really. ugh. okay

Mike: sets us all up.

15 laughing minutes later. Voila.

Photo: Getting ready for the first podcast with Mike the producer.