Vacation - what vacation.


By order of my children, spent two weeks in Europe. Went with Michael for week one in London. Week two Liz my friend since kindergarten met me in Paris. It was very fun and easy. Cristina planned everything to perfection. I just had to show up.

After 10 hours the plane touched down Saturday evening. Had dozed on it maybe an hour. Grabbed uber. Thanked a stressed out Julia who had housesat and been Nala’s victim the past two weeks. Grocery shopped. Managed to stay up til almost 10. Woke up the next morning at 4 am. At 7 picked up breakfast items and went to the office. For a new client meeting.

I know people who dread returning to work after a great vacation. Am not one of them. Spending time wandering around Europe during non-tourist season was a treat. But at the end of the day could not wait to get back home.

Photo: by me on the Seine River thanks to iPhone 11.