The Lawyer Blog Guru

I look at the clock - 7:40 am - and wonder what is on my plate today.  Pull calendar off phone - 8:00 am breakfast meeting Library Bistro.  Crap!

Wash face, brush teeth, throw on warm outfit, run out the door, drive across town (2nd Avenue is the best- lights are syncronized) and find a place to park where the meter is broken.  I wonder if I'll get a ticket.  Run into restaurant ten minutes late (sorry) and there waiting in a cozy corner is a man I met last week on the internet.

Umm, my oh my Karen how bold you are.  Yeah.  I suppose so.  But this is no ordinary man.  This is Kevin O'Keefe and I met him via Twitter.  And yes, this is the mommy who has told her girls never talk to strangers.

I have been reading his posts for about a week, looking at articles he has  linked to, and seeing that other lawyers know him.  One of his tweets mentions the local restaurant Palace Kitchen and when I ask him about it he says he lives in Seattle.  So we decide to get together.  Boom like Lightning.

Kevin is a former plaintiff trial lawyer from Wisconsin who heads a lawyer blogging empire known as LexBlog.  He tells me his story for the next hour and a half.     I can't tell you what he says cause that's his story to tell.  But I am enthralled with his vision and ethos.  Plus his company turns out to have designed some of the lawyer blogs I'm most impressed with (like Bill Marler's).

I am a hard sell.  He doesn't even try.  He  doesn't need to.   I keep interrupting him wanting more info.  I am an info hog.  Breakfast ends, we hustle out the door.  There's no ticket on my car.  I drive him to his office down the street because he's late to his next appointment.

And that folks, is how the internet puts strangers in touch with one another and creates new life opportunities... (trying to snap my fingers) just like that.