AAJ Convention Day 3 Four inch heels

My sister has given me a deliciously beautiful pair of shoes that are too big for her. They are gray and sparkly - totally not "business attire" - and therefore entirely appropriate for me to wear today. Problem is, the left shoe is too big for me too! So I'm walking around the vast convention center, heel flapping, trying to look totally cool. The biggest initial problem this causes is that I can't hustle from room to room fast enough to watch the overlapping programs that I'm interested in. I make up for it by saying hi to everyone I pass which hopefully keeps them looking at my smile and not my flapping footwear.

I walk into the bad faith litigation seminar. David Beninger is speaking. Remember what I've said about being bored so easily. Well, it is pretty impossible when Beninger speaks because he is so danged smart-quick-eloquent-poised. I did come up with my speech last night...er morning. Here's the title: "UIM Bad Faith (sorta) Jeopardy". I figure it will be a nice contrast: David's Intimidating Brilliance followed by TV Knock off Game Show by Karen. I am Trebek and Pat and David will be the contestants. It goes swimmingly well. I will remember this "co-op people at the last minute" approach for future seminars.

From here I need to go sign up for another litigation group - opposite end of the building down another floor. By now the sparkly shoes are absolutely undelicious. In fact I can distinctly feel a blister forming. I'm walking(hobbling) slowly back and forth to all my meetings. Finally I can't take it anymore. I need to traverse the entire blasted convention center to get up to my free lunch. So I do what any other person would realize is the best solution - yes indeed. I take off the shoes and sigh with contentment as I run to my meal.