People Pose more "P"s. (part 2)

Here are reader's suggestions for more "P"s to add to "The Ps".    Lawyers have a pretty intense vocabulary.  I had to look up a couple of these.

Pushy – Not settling for the defendants’ BS answer, but working for the truth.
Positive – Believing in your clients, their cause, and your skills to bring justice and right a wrong.
Prescient – Understanding what is going to happen, and the likely issues in a case, ahead of time so you can prepare your client and your case.
… I was just reminded, FORCEFULLY, that we both left out the most important P – PARALEGAL.
M.A.  Chattanooga TN

My Father always stressed the "rule of P's":
Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance
C.V.  Biloxi Mississippi

Progressive, Potential, Pleasant, Penal, Perpetual, Perplexed, Pronounce, Paraphrase, Precise, Punctual, Perfection, Performance, Placate, Presume, Plan, Practice, Pressure, Predispose, Platitude, Pacify, Postulate, Punishment, Preliminary, Parliamentary, Protocol, Pretense, Proud, Psychological, Plethora, Prime, Prime-time, Placement, Predominant and for the far out – Paranormal or am I just being Pissy.
K.M.  Seattle, WA

Polarizing the Case, ala Rick Friedman.
D.C. Hackensack, NJ

Procrastination and Pessimism– two things we have to learn to confront, and overcome
K.T.  Washington, DC

"Power” --- not just “power point”.  Claim your power and go with it.
L.S.  Seattle, WA

How’s about “practicality” and “persistence” (a little different than “perseverance”)
A.G.  Roseland, NJ

"P" - perspicuity: plain to the understanding because of clarity and precision of presentation;
"P" - perspicacity:  The power of seeing clearly; discernment; insight.
B.W. Seattle

What about Potential?  I think so many young lawyers, especially young female lawyers, feel that the practice is so daunting, given lack of female mentors, lack of opportunities, and what feels like a lack of support.  I think more young lawyers (female and male) need to recognize that they have so much potential to do better, to succeed, to make a difference—they just need a little reminder at times.

I have been fortunate to have great mentors (though, no female attorneys at my firm—I was the first female associate in some time, and I am now the first female partner at my firm) who saw potential in me and pushed me to succeed, but some days, I definitely needed a reminder that I was strong, capable, etc.

R.H.  Spokane, WA

Patience. We need to be patient with our clients, and in the execution of our litigation strategy.
Prayer: sometimes when it looks like you are about to lose a case or when the demands of running a business get overwhelming, a little pause for a prayer to your God or Higher Power provides comfort that you are not really all alone.
S.B.  Delaware

So there you have it.