Deposition of a wannabe life care planner

The wife lost not only her beloved husband of 34 years.  She lost her life helper.  Legally blind and with other health impairments, she depended on him to see for her. To take care of her.

We used a highly qualified life care planner named Tony Choppa to draft a plan of what it would take to provide the widow with help.  Specifically, the kind of help she needed from her dead husband.  Going to the grocery store.  Walking her to the bus stop.  Navigating the world.

The defense hired a defense expert to say that Mr. Choppa was way off base.  She wrote a report that attempted to slay the plaintiff's claim of damage.

In this deposition transcript, I slayed the expert.  If you are going to go toe to toe with an someone like Tony Choppa.  You better be qualified to do so.

Here is an excerpt from the deposition:   defense life care planner.pdf