WSAJ Convention day 4 bye bye

Yawwwwwwwwn.    As I'm getting ready to fly out the door I notice a not-too-terrible scratch on the front of my right leg surrounded by the beginnings of a puffy bruise.   Thinking back I realize it's from when I hit the corner of the DJ platform last night when Gerhard and I were jumping up and down (to the beat) during a Black Eyed Peas song.

Rush over to The Homestead.  Grab fruit and a biscuit and make it to the 8:00 am ethics/diversity seminar only a little late.   The room is about half full.   Some lawyers have had to head home.  Some don't think they need to go to a diversity seminar.    I guess one day when our profession is just as diverse as the population we represent, perhaps we can do away with such seminars.  But that appears to be quite a long way off.   I mean come on.  How can we hope for a diverse bar when last year the U of W law school had one (1) single solitary African American student in its first year class (how awful is that).  Despite the seeming futility of achieving the goal of true diversity, WSAJ has made it a top priority (complete with diversity plan) unlike AAJ and almost all other trial lawyer associations around the country.  Snaps for WSAJ!  And for everyone who shows up this morning!

Sitting next to me is Jane Morrow's darling daughter.   She is writing/coloring in her work book  and drawing pictures in all the blank spaces.  She is quiet but eventually wants to do something else.  Not many options.  Time to lie across her mother's lap.  Wiggle wiggle wiggle.   I remember the days with my kids.  Um actually, I'm still like that!

We enjoy a little more of the sunshine before heading back to the airport where we hang out with the Kamitomos and Judge Grant.  Our plane is delayed  but that is a good thing.  Because we get to spend time talking with each other which is the whole point, after all, of getting together at a convention.