Why I like some defense lawyers and don't like others

Actually, my best friend in the whole wide world is an insurance defense lawyer and I love her to pieces. So it isn't because I am simply biased and only like other plaintiff lawyers. I have had the nice experience of developing friendships with a good number of defense lawyers. You don't have to hate the other lawyer to do a good job for your client. On the other hand, you don't have to like the other lawyer either.

Basically the whole get-to-know-which-category-they-fit-into-process is quite simple. Those whom I end up liking may fight hard but they fight fair. The other ones play dumb games, disrespect my client and usually disrespect my staff. All big no nos.

Today for example, I am on the phone with a lawyer, we exchange pleasantries then get down to business. Boom bamm. Done. Super. Next I get a convoluted excuse of a letter bothering me with boring time consuming demands that have no purpose other than to draw out the legal process and harass. I haven't done a scientific study of the good versus obnoxious defense lawyers I deal with but suspect it is about 80/20 in favor of good.

Don't think however, that I'm complaining about the bad ones. I've had days when I am feeling a little bland because things are too peaceful. I need an encounter with a rude attorney to get my adrenaline flowing. Mean, argumentative, supercilious attorneys can make my day.