Twin Falls

In my mind I've pictured Twin Falls as a quaint small town with cute storefronts and obviously a waterfall or two somewhere. In reality, we drive for a few miles through cattle/farm country from the airport to the city center which consists of government buildings and storefronts which look relatively abandoned.

We keep driving down the broad streets filled with cars and trucks. Lots of trucks. There are big box stores, fast food joints and car dealerships lining the avenue leading up to my hotel. In a one mile radious I count three (3) car washes. Fascinating. I go for a run, left out the door. Down the pristine sidewalk as the cars and trucks pound on by. There are no people walking.

Everyone is in a vehicle except one toothless guy who's set up a begging location on a street corner. It is hot and loud and I'm doing my thing, waiting to see what's on the other side of the next major street light. I'm told there is a canyon. But I don't know what that means. I go past a Target and a car wash and a shopping mall and am frankly not too hopeful. But then I reach the edge. And it is like I've come upon a mirage.