The Vagrants

China in the 1970s was not a particularly joyous place.  At least not for the parents of Gu Shan who begin the day (and the novel) girding themselves for her execution.  I decide to read this book because it and the author (Yiyun Li) have been given good reviews.  There are substories within the main story - a cast of odd  characters including an unfortunate 12 year old girl who when in utero, was the  recipient of a brutal beating by Gu Shan (a political dissenter).

The girl is twisted physically, though quite astute.   There is a little boy and his pup, a street sweeping couple that rescued discarded girl infants, a radio announcer and her besotted husband.   Alas, there is no happy ending for anyone.  But it did transport me to a world of deprivation and unfairness that helps put life in better perspective.

I'll give it a B.