Rubber Neck

I can't believe I don't fall today.  My head is spinning this way and that when I should be looking for potholes.  I'm in the Theater District with the old fashioned flashing marquees on every block.  The lake - as in The Lake - is about half a mile from the hotel.  I go thru the Millenium Park with its fields, tennis courts, and groomed perfection.  The Lake looks like the ocean.  It is a bit windy so there are waves and you cannot see to the other side.  I run past the aquarium and museums, turn back and the city view --- well.

I love Seattle, but it is such a little gem compared to Chicago.  I change direction and visit the Navy Pier before heading back.  Everywhere I turn there's a beautiful building.  Gigantic pieces of public art dot the open spaces.  Have you ever seen the ampitheater in the Park?  I want to hear a concert there.  It's rush hour as I trot back to the hotel, weaving in and out of the crowds.  It's amazing I can run at all, but the sidewalks are as wide as streets thank goodness.  What a grand place!