Nala and my delicious red grapes - a cautionary tale

Today Nala almost killed herself.

It is drizzling.  We are running around the neighborhood.   Both of us in our rain gear.  Splish.  Splash. It starts pouring.   Get home.  Wash off the dirt.  Towel her.  Repeat process with myself.

Need to file a brief this morning.  A discovery teleconference is scheduled to start soon.


Grab large bunch of delicious red grapes.  Rinse them.  Wrap in dishtowel.  Place in purse.

Run out the door to office.  Arrive.  Anne is waiting.  Follows me into office.

Close door.  Throw down purse.  Go over final briefing touches.

Two minutes late for teleconference.  Dial number.  Rory and Jennifer are on the phone.  We chit.  We chat.  Write confirming email.

Cristina brings in cupcakes from Morpheys.  This is good because never got to eat breakfast.  Also some samples of cake and frosting that we are to taste for her wedding purposes.

Go to grab grapes.  Want to eat something healthy before sugar rush commences.  Pull dishtowel out of purse.  It is wet.  But empty.

The other night saw the very depressing movie:  Still Alice.  Julianne Moore may win the Oscar.  So went to see it.   Look at towel and think.  Pretty sure washed grapes and put them in towel in purse.  Maybe didn't.  Maybe did.  Hmmm.  Look at Nala.  She stares blithely past me.   Bear down.  Make eye contact with her.  There's no doubt.

Google:  dogs and grapes.

Grapes are toxic for dogs and related to kidney failure.

Call Dr. Clare at Urban Vet.

Receptionist: How many did she eat.  If just a couple she's fine.

K3:  I think she ate an entire two handed bunch of grapes.

Receptionist:  Let me check with Dr. Clare....can you bring her in right away.

K3:  yes.

Pack her up.  Tail wagging.  Drive down the road.  Get to Urban Vet.  Dr. Clare comes out to get her.  Tells me to go back to office.  Will call when ready to be picked up.  She needs to be given some medicine to make her throw up.

Drive back to office.  Walk in door. Brief has been filed.  Cristina returns.  We eat cupcakes.  Very tasty. Except the almond frosting is yucky.

Phone rings.  They say it worked fast.  She just vomited about 70 grapes.  Three times the level at which they would be toxic.

Cristina drives with me to get her.  Pay enough money to buy 25 entire grape vines fully loaded.

Thank Dr. Clare.  She says if we hadn't caught it so quickly it would have been a big problem.  There would have been many more medical tests and procedures.  To say the least.   Thank her for being such a good and caring doctor

Return to office.  Attend meeting of an accident reconstructionist with Brad.

While Nala  cruises around.  Happy as can be.

Photo:  Dr. Clare of Urban Vet and Nala