Paul Luvera's special timer

Photo:  Mailing wrapper of Sunbeam timer and Paul N. Luvera's note.

Photo:  Mailing wrapper of Sunbeam timer and Paul N. Luvera's note.

Paul Luvera tried a huge case a few months ago.  And won.  At the age of 78. (Here's his bio).

I have admired (borderline worshipped) Paul over the years for his skill in trial.  Several times I've gone to watch.  What  struck me, was the way he so gracefully prowled the courtroom floor.  And owned it.

For the past almost 30 years, our state trial lawyer's annual convention has featured the Luvera Seminar.  Paul moderated the program based upon ten minute presentations.  If you went over - DING.  The timer went off.  If you didn't do a good job - ouch.  And even if you did a good job - one never knew how Paul would react.  All of this fear, uncertainty, and mastery combined to create a highly anticipated program.

The first time I spoke at the seminar, it was on spoliation of evidence.  My focus was not simply to survive the experience.  I wanted to impress Paul.

Over the years, Paul has sent me books and quotes or articles he thinks I'll like.  He is always learning and thinking and wanting to grow more.

This year, Paul decided to end his seminar reign.  The association invited me to take over the permanently named Luvera Seminar.  This is what Paul initially wrote:

"...I was very flattered regarding the name of the program and thrilled you were doing the program at the convention in my place. I told Gerhard (the Executive Director) you had that ability to run the program with observations and advice that people would like. You know  that I admire your continuing search to improve your skills, your  courage in meeting challenges and your potential for even  more greatness as a trial lawyer. I am not one for false praise and  you have been on my short  list of attorneys from whom I expect great things  even with a glass ceiling  in this profession."

Today in the mail was a package from Paul.  A vintage yellow Sunbeam quartz timer with a note:

"Hi Karen -  Hanna Reisner, the first Executive Director of WSTLA gave me this timer more than 25 years ago to time talks.  I pass on this gift which I used at all of the convention Luvera seminars, or if you prefer, for cooking at home!"

Sometimes I need to pinch myself.  This is one of those moments.

P.S:  Here's his blog.