Running in the rain - the joy of puddles and a squirrel obsessed dog

Photo:  Nala still wet after her run.

Photo:  Nala still wet after her run.

Am wound up tight.   Aggressive tendencies barely restrained.  Okay, maybe not restrained at all.  In full warrior mode.

The defense lawyers haven't been too bad lately.  Wish they were bad.  Then could have an outlet for this simmering fury.

Sometimes there are organizational politics involved in being a trial lawyer.  We need to band together to deal with the insurance industry and big corporations.  Even when we are on the same side, people get their feelings hurt.  Or want their way.  Or are unhappy that you are going your way instead of theirs.  Or want you to be quiet.  Or want you to stop fighting for what you think is right - because others don't agree.  Or are scared that dissension will lead to collapse.

Today is a day filled with these politics.  Would much rather be doing client work.  Would much rather be doing just about anything else.

It is pouring outside.  The wind is knocking all the giant maple leaves off their stems.  Blowing them down the road.  Until they give up - waterlogged.  Unable to float anymore.

Go home.  Put on gear.  Rain coat over gear.  Rain vest on Nala.  Leash.  And we are out the door.

The rain has lessened but is constant.  Shoes squish.  By the time we reach the top of the hill, rain coat is completely soaked.  Am warm.  Toss off hood.  Roll up sleeves.  Cold rain hits skin.

A squirrel runs across our path.  Nala zooms after it.  I am braced for impact.  Saw the squirrel at the same time she did.  Nala's leash is tied around her torso.  Attached at her chest.  Not neck.  So she bounces back to me.  We keep going.  She keeps looking.  Anticipating the next squirrel sighting.

Up we run.  Past Betty Bowen Park and  Kerry Park.  Wind through the residential roads.   Two stooped Asian women are at their usual haunting place on the East side of the top of the hill.  With bumpy bags and grabbers.  Scouring the ground for fallen chestnuts.

Squish.  Squish. Squish.  Back we run through the parks.  Down the hill.  To home.  Wash down Nala.  Dry her off.  And smile.