Deposition of a defense doctor - the movie

Witnesses who make up crap - make my day.  Especially when they are defense doctors.  This one was so obnoxious that I made a movie in her honor.

Here is the set up.

A guy is careless.  Because of his carelessness, your head strikes an object.  Your neck hyper extends backwards.  You have never gone to the doctor for neck pain.  But after this happens, you have problems right away.  Your neck doesn't only hurt - it radiates pain down your arm and your hand is numb.

You don't miss work.  You see the doctor, go to physical therapy, modify your life activities, do everything possible.  But it still won't go away.  The MRI says you have a herniated disc.  Your doctor says you have a problem.

But never fear.  The  guy that caused all this has an insurance company.  The insurance company has a doctor it makes you see.  This doctor practices medicine half a day a week.  The rest of the time, she makes a whole heck of a lot of money doing exams for insurance companies.

The doctor examines you.  According to her there is great news.  You are healed and cured.

Never mind that you still have problems.

According to the insurance doctor you were healed three months after the incident.  Because.  Well, because, that's what she says.