Even nice defense attorneys may need a reminder

I like this defense attorney.  He seems like a nice guy.  But still, the Alpha in deposition training needs to occur:

17   Q    Okay.  So you feel that that is a good picture?
18   A    I said --
19                  MR. GRENNAN:  Objection to form.  What does
20   good mean?
21   A    I said in conjunction with the other photographs it's
22   useful.
23                  MS. KOEHLER:  Limit your objections,
24   please, to the form.  Great.
25                  MR. GRENNAN:  I'll object as I want.
MS. KOEHLER:  No, you will object to the
2   form.
3                  MR. GRENNAN:  No, I'll object as I want.
4                  MS. KOEHLER:  No, you don't.
5                  MR. GRENNAN:  I can object in any way I
6   want.
7                  MS. KOEHLER:  Well, --
8                  MR. GRENNAN:  And I will follow the rules,
9   so you don't have to try to control me.  I won't try to
10   control you.
11                  MS. KOEHLER:  As long as you don't send
12   messages to your witness, that's fine with me; but object
13   to the form.
14                  MR. GRENNAN:  I will object as I choose.
15                  MS. KOEHLER:  As you should.
16   Q    (By Ms. Koehler) Okay.  How many hours did Eric spend
17   on this file?

So did it work?  Well, only time will tell.  Since he didn't make any other objections will find out another day.